Rehabilitation Scotts Valley CA

We offer a transitional living environment for drug and alcohol recovery in Santa Cruz California. Call 831-535-2008.

The Evolving Door provides a coed and child-friendly SLE-style clean and sober home for alcoholics, addicts, and others in recovery in the Santa Cruz, CA mountains. We are known as “The Mansion” due to its spacious quarters. The Evolving Door home is located close to the beach, within walking distance of bus stops, stores, and 12-step meetings.

Our Services Include:Mansion

The Evolving Door home features separate male and female living areas, kitchen, refrigerators, dry food storage, and washer and dryer. There are also game and meeting areas, a tennis court, and a small pool. We are located in Santa Cruz County, which has a very large and strong recovery network with hundreds of AA, NA, CA, and other recovery group meetings and events held every day of the year.

Providing easily accessible medical, food, and public transportation services, as well as many rich cultural and outdoor activities like surfing, cycling, and the performing arts help residents have fun and stay sober at the same time. Many alcoholics and addicts decide to relocate to Santa Cruz and live at The Evolving Door to begin a new life in recovery.

For more information, call the Evolving Door in Santa Cruz CA at 831-535-2008.